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Communication iconsIncreasingly, companies are recognising the value and importance of strategic communications within their workforce. I specialised in internal communications, particularly in change management, and have undertaken four contracts in the energy sector, three of them for major projects with energy giant, Jemena.

My positions included Communications Lead to integrate major legacy systems onto one, new SAP platform. This multi-million dollar business improvement program was a significant and crucial legacy project affecting thousands of employees. Broadly, my role included: creating an overall communications strategy in consultation with numerous stakeholders; month-to-month communications plans for multi-medium, integrated and cohesive communications within the project team and across the business; creation of an IS; identification and implementation of communication ‘agents’ within the business; stakeholder management; and creation of feedback strategies.

Another major project included communications to introduce a timewriting system for field and office staff. This project combined four major components: a multi-media and multi-departmental approach for each significant timewriting implementation stage; responsive communications (to thwart potential threats to project implementation, help overcome objections, clarify or respond to questions, improve compliance to training etc); engagement communications (to gather information and feedback and encourage an integrated team approach) and resources communication.

A short contract for another energy company included analysing the internal and external communications of this fast-growing company for billing services. This role included: analysis of communications for stakeholders (internal and external); processes (for billing, stock and changes); accountability; report delivery; risks and knowledge transfer. My report also included current and future recommendations.

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