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My experience includes all aspects of magazine production including:

  • initial concept
  • issue planning
  • layout
  • advertising
  • hiring and briefing of freelance journalists and photographers
  • editing
  • printing
  • proofs
  • distribution and subscriptions
  • marketing and promotions
  • and websites.

I produced nine issues of Adore Animals magazine, a high-quality (the Vogue of the animal world, as it was often described), 100-page, quarterly, national, independent Australian magazine that was also stocked in 12 countries overseas, including the USA and Canada. It was also available online.

The production of a magazine is a massive undertaking and requires not only production experience and skills, but organisation, clarity, attention to detail and a solid marketing and distribution plan. As we had little budget to speak of, I also developed methods for reducing costs at virtually every stage of production, without sacrificing quality.




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cover 06cover 07 - jpegIssue 8 cover

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