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After writing an article on the benefits of animals on children, I thought that photographs to illustrate these amazing relationships and inspirational text to support them would make a beautiful coffee-table book. Thus Moments of Connection was born.

I created the concept, research and text for the book, which was originally produced for general distribution. As it was about to go to press, however, Black Saturday happened in Victoria, Australia. The fires were catastrophic, killing 173 people, injuring more than 400, and destroying more than 450,000 hectares of land, and with it, thousands of livestock and wildlife. I knew then, the book’s purpose.

As Managing Director of Adore Animals Foundation, we quickly set about finding five amazing ambassadors for the book and sponsorship, teamed up with the national charity protecting children from violence, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and launched Moments of Connection with the purpose of donating profits from the sale of the book to projects to aid animal recovery from the events of Black Saturday.

Several projects were completed including Project Bushfire ReadinessLeadbeater’s Possum Project and Animal Disaster Recovery.

Moments of Connection also helped numerous other animal charities as well children’s charities.

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