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The Adore Animals Foundation was established to foster positive relationships between humans and animals and to inform and educate about animal issues and inspire solutions for positive change. A non-profit and Australian Government endorsed charity, the Adore Animals Foundation encouraged parties to work together to find suitable strategies to help animals in need.

Adore Animals Foundation.I founded this Foundation in 2007. I was the Managing Director and Secretary reporting to a Board of Directors for five years. This was a part-time, volunteer position. The Adore Animals Foundation closed in 2012, but continues similar work (without the considerable paperwork) via the website www.adoreanimals.com which I still run.

Many accomplishments were achieved during our five years including the production and publication of a coffee-table book Moments of Connection – about the vast and amazing benefits that animals give children – which was used to raise funds to support Black Saturday recovery for animals. Several projects were funded from this including Project Bushfire ReadinessLeadbeater’s Possum Project and Animal Disaster Recovery. It’s also helped numerous other animal charities and children charities.


Moments of Connection 300x200Moments of Connection was a perfect example of encouraging parties to work together. We partnered with the highly respected The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a national charity to keep children safe from violence. We secured a dozen sponsors bringing together government, corporates, non-profits and communities to help animals. We also engaged five amazing ambassadors from diverse backgrounds (sports and the arts) to support our project and share their message about animals.

The book itself provides a strong educational message to our next generation – a message about animals, humanity and the environment. Click here to see a video of the book set to a beautiful track by young Melbourne singing sensation and Moments of Connection ambassador, Alanna Deutrom.


I have also volunteered for numerous other charities over the years including hosting the World’s Greatest Dog Wash in Melbourne for Lort Smith Animal Hospital, organised a community (street-based) fundraiser for the Red Cross, and in conjunction with dozens of charities, created and/or coordinated events with Adore Animals Foundation.