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Shortlisted for BOOK of THE YEAR 2018 (Birth to 3 years) Speech Pathology Australia.

The Pipey Fairy is a book for 2 to 3-year-olds to help them willingly give up their pipeys – otherwise known as a dummy, soother, pacifier, num-num, lolly, binky…

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The Pipey Fairy tells the story of Jed, a boy reluctant to give up his dummy until he discovers the Pipey Fairy. So begins a fun adventure story that takes Jed on a journey from reluctance to action. As Jed prepares for the Pipey Fairy’s visit, excitement grows. There’s lots to do and countdowns to have.

In a fun and interactive way, The Pipey Fairy empowers children to give up their pipeys, while reminding them about the joy of giving.

The Pipey Fairy book has a partner called the ‘Pipey Pack’ complete with personalised stationery and emails. It’s a new complete solution for giving up a pipey that’s fun, interactive and super easy to follow! Read about it here